The Lot Valley

But well beyond the village of Saint Cirq Lapopie, the immediate environment offers visitors surprising and magnificent discoveries.

At the foot of the village of Saint Cirq Lapopie along the Lot valley meanders the magnificent towpath of Bouziès, dug in the rock, along which you can walk on foot or by boat.

In the meanders of the Lot valley is also the castle of Cenevieres whose visit immerses the visitor in the history of the renaissance to the present day. Further downhill in a loop of the Lot you can explore the city of Cahors and the famous Valentré bridge.

You are halfway between Cahors and Figeac cities of art and history which offers both an attractive architectural heritage. For Cahors the visit of the old town, its inescapable Valentré bridge and the point of view from the Mont Saint Cyr are essential.

The vineyard of Cahors (black wine) extends to the west of the city and you enjoy along the river the different castles that compose it.

Figeac transports you through its museum Champollion in ancient Egypt. While these medieval alleys reveal to you a lot of picturesque architectural details.

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You will discover,
the perched village of Calvignac
and his points of view breathtaking.


Further on the valley of the lot, the radiant little town of Cajarc cradle of Françoise Sagan and Georges Pompidou awaits you and you can take a break on the terrace of Moulino, restaurant made famous by the sketch of Coluche.

The Lot over the water

You will like to pass the locks between Cahors and Saint Cirq lapopie and admire the valley of the lot from the deck of the boat rides that pluck the lot.