Enjoy an interesting animation

but not invasive !

Activities for children

We have fun, we make things, we discover a region, we meet.

We offer to the children to make the ‘activities’ that they have for the most part more so the opportunity to make in their daily lives. It is for example manual DIY so that they leave with an object that they have manufactured themselves, often realized with natural materials collected directly on the campsite.

These free activities supervised by a moderator are offered to your children every day (Hunt, manual activities, game etc…) for the happiness of the 6-12 year olds.

All public events

We would like to clarify that our entertainment programme is very varied and it caters to a wide audience. It is however very orientated towards the discovery of the region, the meeting, usability.

We do not necessarily animations typically proposed in most of the campsites.

At la Truffière not karaoke, Lotto no, no dancing every night.Our customers enjoy a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere during the day but quiet evenings for a relaxing holiday.

During the day, we organize family accompanied visits intended to make you discover unusual Quercy places: the mills of the Lot, the road of the wells, the descent in the moonlight in St. Cirq Lapopie, but also hiking in the Park of the Quercy.

And of course !

Welcome drink

A welcome drink was also held on Sundays for you present the camping and the programme of activities that it offers.


Festive meal

An evening more festive meal is organised every week. It allows the Truffière campers to meet always in the good atmosphere.;