Camping la Truffière - Services


Grocery store

A small convenience grocery store is available to you, offering items such as butter, milk, cold drinks, ice cream, wines, postcards, camping gas, frozen mineral water bottles, etc. These products are sold at the reception desk.


From May 1st to September 15th, we offer a bread delivery service.

Bread and pastries must be ordered the day before by 8 PM. You can come pick them up starting at 8:30 AM.

Once again, we fully embrace local products, as the bread is artisanally made by Monsieur Garcia, a baker from Concots.

In order to support the local economy, at La Truffière, we encourage you to shop at nearby grocery stores.

The closest one is in Tour de Faure, which is about 4 km away.

While on vacation, rediscover the pleasure of going to the market.

Throughout the week, there are many markets in neighboring villages where you can discover delicious local products such as honey, jam, cured meats, farm-raised lamb, goat cheese, colorful vegetables, delicious fruits, and more.

So change your habits, treat yourself, and savor the local products.